As a second grade school teacher Sandy Slater suffered from chronic tension headaches for several years. The one relief she could count on was from her husband, John, he would apply pressure to the GB20 acupressure points located behind her neck at the base of her skull. He would apply pressure using his thumbs by pressing inward and slowly lifting up. This would relax Sandy's muscles which allowed blood to flow more freely and relieve her pain. John had one goal in mind; to ease the pain and frustration associated with her headache. So he decided to create a product that could mimic this process that Sandy could use on her own any time she felt a headache coming on.

After creating a successful product for Sandy they decided they could help many people who suffer from tension headaches with this simple, easy to use product. Six years, several prototypes, a patent-pending, and lots of research later the Headlift was born! What started as a way to relieve his wife's headaches has turned into an easy-to-use remedy for headache sufferers everywhere!

John and Sandy currently reside in Davis, Oklahoma. They have five children and five grandchildren. Weekends find the Slater's spending time with family, golfing or playing outdoors, and attending church.

Headlift is proudly made in the USA.

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"I am a heavy equipment operator in the oil field and use the product
at night to relax the muscles in my shoulders…


“I have been using my husband’s Headlift and I have decided that I need to
have my own. I don’t get a lot…


I am fifteen years old and have back problems. I tried the Headlift at a home and garden show and it worked instantly! I…

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